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About Coaching

Coaching enables people to discover their own potential through creative and responsible thinking, so they will achieve their goals, get a hold of their lives and be happy. It is a creative process because through questions the coach invites the coachee to discover various options. It is also a responsible process as the coachee produces his own answers.

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching objectives are broad, as it fits the objectives and needs of each person. The coachee -assisted by the coach- creates an action plan or life script that will allow him to recreate life according to what he has envisioned, as opposed to embracing a life full of hassles resulting from a reality others have set for him.

Our Life Coaching Service has a systemic approach. Therefore, regardless of the objectives you have originally envisioned, we will discover together how those objectives are interlinked with other dimensions of your being.  Our Coaches are trained to give you a whole vision of your reality.

Life Coaching general objectives include:  get a degree, lose weight, write a book, work out, improve the quality of life, change habits, develop skills, develop financial / economic plans, family issues, among others.

Life Coaching takes place through face to face or distant interviews, with regular follow-up sessions arranged with the client according to his/her needs. This may include phone calls or e-mail communications, if needed.

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Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching is carried out in organizations that want to improve the performance of their employees and align teams within a predefined corporate culture to achieve the goals of such organization. Nowadays organizations need to implement quick changes within the culture to be able to prevail in the market. It is here where Corporate Coaching plays a fundamental role, focusing on the mission, vision, values and strategies.

​Training and seniority accrued on different operating areas at organizations allow us to provide a systemic vision -along with technical expertise- in areas such as planning, finance, general administration, risk management, marketing, human resources, etc. This knowledge is fundamental to envision and put in place coherent practices that provide the expected results for the divisions of the organization.

Corporate Coaching is conducted with teams and individuals within organizations. Coaching sessions are face-to-face with regular follow-up, always having phone calls or e-mails as an option.

Corporate Coaching is useful to create alignment either for long-term goals or for a specific project. Overlapping of Life Coaching and Corporate Coaching usually appears when the latter embraces the whole organization and performing an initial assessment becomes necessary.

Organizations that carry out Corporate Coaching substantially improve their performance, alignment to achieve goals, internal and external communications, profitability, as well as the behavior and retention of employees.

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