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Valuenet is a network of interdependent professionals devoted to value management and  to contribute with personal, individual and collective growth, in pursuit of individual and organizational transformation to bring about social and corporate change

Value Proposition

“Valuenet Servicios, the Company clients can trust”


We are a company that provides value in our relationship with clients. Our “insourcing” approach makes our relationship to clients look similar to that among community members. We strive to deliver each client exactly what he really needs.


As we are in permanent evolution and change, we periodically adapt our products and services, and we do so at reasonable prices. Our motto is “To team up with clients and effectively address their needs”.     

Corporate Information

For more than two decades, VNS has performed its operations based on Universal Principles: respect, honesty, service, collaboration, loyalty, trustworthiness and kindness.


Our attention focuses on serving the three groups of people who make possible long-term business success: clients, employees and shareholders.


During our courses and workshops, we develop and carry out activities and case studies that are suitable to the unique situations of such company, and address them using the new paradigms, which allows participants to start changing their perspectives, become conscious and be more productive.


In our consulting and coaching services, we work closely with our clients to come up with creative and customized solutions, providing insight and assistance on new paradigms, techniques, skills and knowledge, adding value.


Rewards for work performed come from the productivity and contribution of our team members. Our employees enjoy their training sessions, which result from observation, information and analysis of our performance. In this way, we make sure VNS´ professional members get a significant chunk of the value we build together. 


VNS shareholders value human dignity and look for means to achieve the balance, difficult to obtain, between their own interest and the interest of the three other groups of people. They know that the goal is that everyone wins, because results come from applying abundance-based paradigms.

Todos los videos

Todos los videos



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