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Privacy Policy Effective since 09/01//2018

Information we get from our clients. When clients use our services, they often trust us with their information. We understand the responsibility this entails and we commit with effort to protect such information.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand that given the variety of services we provide, it is quite common that we collect initial information from the phone log, such as phone numbers, date and time of phone calls and messages, or phone call duration.

Other individual or corporate information can be revealed to us in oral or written form, by mail or other means, between members of our work teams and people or personnel working for the companies that are listed in our client’s portfolio. Further, given the nature of some of our services, we might have access to confidential or sensitive information related to operating financial results, financial statements or business plans of a corporation.

Similarly, we can gather information during our coaching sessions, when our coachees share information with their coach about individual or corporate situations. This information is strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any other person at Valuenet Servicios or the company the coachee works for.

In order to provide our services, we use information we gather while rendering such services, to make sure they are provided according to the expected quality or in a higher standard.

Protection of information gathered. When our employees begin working with us, they are advised about our privacy policy and sign a written confidentiality agreement. We strive to protect Valuenet Servicios and our clients from any unauthorized modification, revelation or destruction of data we keep in our databases or from unauthorized access to information shared with us. We review our practices for gathering, storing and using data (including physical security measures) to avoid unauthorized access to our systems.  We restrict access to individual or corporate information so it can only be accessed by those employees, contractors, affiliated or agents of Valuenet Servicios that need such information in order to process it. All people gaining access to such information are subject to strict confidentiality contractual obligations and may be sued or dismissed if they fail to comply with such obligations.  

Information about this policy. This privacy policy applies to all services provided by Valuenet Servicios and its affiliated or agents, included Valuenet Corporate Services, Inc. This privacy policy does not apply to: a) The information practices of other companies and organizations that subcontract our services; b) Services offered by other companies or individuals, which may include services subcontracted from Valuenet Servicios.

Changes to this policy. Valuenet Servicios can change this Privacy Policy at any time, or from time to time. We will not reduce previously agreed rights according with this Privacy Policy without explicit consent of our clients.  If changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (for certain services, for example, we will email notification of Privacy Policy changes).


Related Privacy Practices.  Given the nature of some of the services Valuenet Servicios provides, information gathered or received from its clients may eventually be used to build case studies, training activities or activities to foster personal growth. In such cases, clients are previously briefed about the purpose, procedures or processes involved, and they approve beforehand such information management or disposal. On the other hand, commercial information such as operating, accounting or financial statistics may be used by Valuenet Servicios to prepare case studies or documents related to the operations of certain economic sectors, after accruing five (5) years from its elaboration, taking care of ensuring integral protection of the identity of the company whose information is concerned.           

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